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Classic backgammon is an easy game to learn as it is one of the oldest board games around! Fall Backgammon is played exactly how Classic Backgammon is played.

Click "Play" button to start your game. You may choose your checker, either a leaf or acorn and type in your name if you wish in the text box to the right.

Choose the number of games you wish to play.

Choose your difficulty.

Turn doubling cube on or off.

Turn move highlights on or off.

Click Start button to start you game.

Click the Roll Dice button to roll the dice at the start of each time to know how many spots you may move during that turn.

To move your pieces after rolling, click the piece you wish to move and you will be shown where you may move your piece, thrn click where you wish your piece to be moved to.

Doubles act as four dice! Dice will gray out as you use them.

Use the highlights as your guide to which checkers you can move and where. If you think this makes the game too easy, turn them off in the options menu before your next game!

Move all your fall backgammon checkers around the board before the computer or your opponent does to win!

At the end of the game, to play a new game, click "New Game" button.

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