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Spades is a partnership game, trick-taking game.

If possible you MUST play a card that matches the suit of the leading card.

The highest card will always "trump" a non-spade card.

A spade card cannot lead the trick until at least one spade has been played in a previous trick.

Bid the # of tricks you believe you can take. Receive 10 points per trick bid.

Receive -10 points (per bid) for teams that do not meet their trick bid.

Get "1 bag" for every trick your team takes exceeding your trick bid for that hand.

Accumulating 10 bags will result in a -100 point penalty.

A nil bid (no tricks taken) is worth 100 points; 200 points for a blind nil.

Your team wins when either (a) it has 500 points or (b) the opposing team reaches negative 200 points.

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