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I told all my squirrels all about the events and the meaning of Easter a short while back, which also meant telling them about the Easter Bunny and was that ever a mistake. I told them that every Easter the Bunny hid eggs for the little children to find and we called it a Easter Egg Hunt. Being bored of raiding bird feeders and begging for food they figured this was their chance at earning their keep around here. They want to trade eggs that were never found for nuts and they expect me to be their middle man. Figuring if I went along with their stupid little idea it would soon be over and things would soon return to normal I agreed to do it.

Below is a few pictures that show the squirrels in my back yard in their first attempt to trade eggs for nuts. I can never remember laughing so hard and having fun taking pictures. This was one of those rare days that everything went right and Snoopy was into showing off. All these pictures are real. The eggs were plastic and he seemed to be fascinated with them. you can never tell what their going to do next so you always have to be ready for the unexpected.

Whats This?
Not knowing what to expect here is Snoopy approaching his first egg and find of the day. He then hollered at one of the other squirrels to bring the truck over and they will load it up.

The Truck Won't Start
This is one of the Easter Squirrels trying to push start the truck . He soon gets it going and they are back in business. You can see by all the eggs in the back they have been busy and again my plan to out smart them has failed. At this rate Iíll be eating eggs forever and this is not one of my wifeís favorite things to feed me.

This is Snoopy getting ready to load the egg in the back of their truck. Note his almost perfect bowling posture.

Hereís Another One
This is Wilson the squirrel next door headed for the truck with his Easter Egg. Iím starting to get worried now. Itís only 7 in the morning here and the kids havenít even woke up yet and half the eggs are already gone.

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