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Welcome to My Squirrel Celebrities
and Sports Figures Page!

Mark McSquirrel
M.L.S.N.(major league squirrel nuts)
This is Mark McSquirrel just after hitting a home run over the back fence in my yard. He started to run the bases but stopped as soon as he heard the window break next door. He tried to deny it but the neighbor had the walnut as evidence with his signature all over it.

Squirrel Jordan
S.B.A.(Squirrel Basketball Association)
This is Squirrel Jordan in the off season practicing his free throws. It has been announced that he will be retiring from the S.B.A. this year and Iím sure he will be missed by his fellow players. As you can see he is attempting to grow his hair back at this time in hopes to get into the movie industry. Good luck Squirrel Jordan.

Stone Cold
W.S.W.F.(World Squirrel Wrestling Federation)
This is Stone Cold Squirrel getting ready to take on the neighbors cat or anybody else that disputes his W.S.W.F. title. He is challenging Jesse the Squirrel Ventura to a title match and the winner will get a date with Monica Squirrelenski.

Tiger Woods
S. G. A.(Squirrels Golf Association)
Boy did I hit the *#(*%$@ outta that one. This is Tiger the Squirrel Woods watching his nut fly over water and hitting the neighbors roof and into the gutter over three trees away. Heís got a good shot at an eagle except he doesnít like eagles, or birdies so he will probably just eat the nut and play the next hole.

Me and My Big Mouth
Well havenít we all heard a lot about this young lady.This is Monica Squirrelenski in my back yard making noise and carrying on about things that will probably cause problems sooner or later. It appears that she has been summoned to the Brown House this month and Iíll try and keep you informed as time goes by.

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Information and photographs, © Copyright 1999 Bill Cooper