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Welcome to My Squirrel Celebrities
and Sports Figures Page 2!

Janet Rino
Just Another Pretty Face
This is a picture of Janet Squirreno hanging out at the local squirrels basketball court. It looks like Squirrel Jordan might have put a little pepper on her sunflower seeds as she sneezed and blew her glasses off. I think she is one of those squirrels that looks better in glasses. What do you think ?

Pamela SquirrelAnderson
Pamela Squirrelanderson
Would you look at the tail on this babe. Caught here by one of the local poparazzi’s as she was coming out of Squirrely’s Outhouse. It’s not very often we catch her with this much fur on. She seems to be hiding her cleavage with this shot which is even more unusual.

Mr Wilson
Hidey Ho Neighbor
This is Mr. Wilson the squirrel next door. He’s the one that all the other squirrels go to when things start going nuts around here. Right now he’s giving me advice on how to build my next squirrel feeder.

Monica Squirrelenski
Yes this is Monica Squirrelenski leaving the airport. At this time she has been instructed to keep her mouth shut, or maybe shes practicing to walk and talk at the same time. Who knows and who really cares?

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