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Welcome to My Squirrel Celebrities
and Sports Figures Page 3!

Clint Squirrelwood
Clint Squirrelwood
The Good, the Bad and the Nutty. This is Clint Squirrelwood practicing up for his next movie which is rumored to end up in a shoot out at Squirrelys Bar. It’s a winner take all kind of thing and you guessed it Monica Squirrelenski is the prize. I asked him what the Good, the Bad and the Nutty stood for and he said the Good stood for good, but naughty girl squirrels, the bad stood for bad girl squirrels and the Nutty (blonde) girl squirrels. (say that five times real fast). I think Clint has a one track mind. I also think spring time better hurry up as he’s starting to look at the neighbors cat kind of funny.

Tiger Woods
Caught in the Act
Here is Tiger the Squirrel Woods picking up his golf ball and getting caught red handed cheating and attempting to move the ball to get a better lie. I called him on it and he then reminded me it was winter rules and he hadn’t had a mulligan, a gimme, or any wiffs since the last hole.

Don't Bend Over Rosie
As a resent member to the Squirrel Lovers Club I have just learned that you have been put on the Ten Most Wanted list by the squirrels through out the world. I have also seen your picture posted in my squirrels outhouse and at Squirrely’s bar in the restrooms. They have recently hired the Squirminator to make your life miserable and is said to be headed your way. He is armed with a Koosh and to be considered extremely dangerous. So again I remind you, don't bend over Rosie!

Tiger The Squirrel Woods
Here’s Tiger the Squirrel Woods getting down and seeing what he has to do make this next shot.First he sniffs it to make sure its his, then he lines up the shot in his mind. He said he was going to have to hook it around the tree and bounce it off the garbage can to have any chance at a kitty. A kitty in squirrel golf is worth far more than a birdie and it's realy funny when he gets a hole in one.

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