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Flying Squirrels Spotted in Oregon Page 2

Wing Walker
Wing Walking
Here is one of the local squirrels practicing his wing walking while the plane is on the ground. He figured that while waiting for the first flight to get past ten feet he would give it a try. This is made even more dangerous with a nut in his mouth at the same time. Do not attempt to do this yourself, this is for professionals only.

To Fat To Fly
After reviewing the other accidents it was found out that Snoopy was out of shape and to heavy for the plane to get off the runway let alone fly. So for the time being heís going to be considered a ground squirrel. Maybe Iíll have to have Monica Squirrelenski counsel him as he seems a little depressed since grounded. If any body can pick up his spirits she can.

Flight Controller
Flight Controler In The Bird Feeder
This is one of the flight controllers in the bird feeder. I asked what was he doing and he said he was helping the birds land. But I could be mistaken as he kinda mumbles everything.

Proud Squirrel
One Proud Squirrel
In order to get Snoopy out of his depression and out of Squirrelys Bar, the local squirrels have saved their nuts and commissioned me to build him a bigger plane. After weeks of planning we have came up with the perfect design for him. This plane has twice the nut power as the last one and a much wider wing span. Lets all cross are fingers and give snoopy a big welcome back. This is Snoopy in his proud to be flying again pose. He told me to make sure I got his best side. Next week you'll get to see the new model plane before Snoopy's fourth attempt. I had to raise his insurance premiums as the price of wood has sky rocketed around here, but he assured me nothing was going to happen. I think that's what he told me last time.

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