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Flying Squirrels Spotted in Oregon Page 3

Will It Fly?
Here’s Snoopy checking out his new plane, looking over the instrument panel and some of the other new features. He is anxiously waiting for his flying license to reinstated.

To shorten the distance of the fall we have decided to take off from ground level for the first few times. We felt this was necessary as his voice has gotten much higher lately and too many more crashes he could loose his voice all together.

Snoopy’s been patiently waiting all week for the U.S.S.A.F. (United States Squirrel Air Force) to call him to drop a bomb on the New Carissa or to load it up with all Monica’s Squirrelenski new books and sink it. He feels he could have completed the job weeks ago if he could have got that other plane off the ground. Now he’s blaming me for making the first plane to small and demanding I tell him which way is West. So if you here a little plane overhead tomorrow look up it could be Snoopy’s big day. You could also see him in any direction as a compass was not in the budget..

Damn He's Done It Again
Damn he’s done it again, here’s Snoopy after hitting the outhouse which as of now has been renamed the #*%@ house as you can imagine what it smells like after the propeller stirred up the toilet. And wouldn’t you know it Monica Squirrelenski was inside at the time of impact. She was last seen fleeing the scene pulling her fur (pants) up again.

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