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Daily Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Fun Games


The online daily jigsaw puzzles are very easy to work.
  • To start the puzzle, click the Shuffle button.
  • Move the jigsaw puzzle pieces by left-clicking and dragging them.
  • Rotate the jigsaw puzzle pieces by right-clicking on them.
  • The pieces will only join together if they are both in their proper orientation.
  • Only want to see the border pieces, click the Border button.
  • Want to see the middle pieces, click the Middle button.
  • Want to see all of the pieces, click the All button.
  • Want to see a preview of the puzzle, click the Preview button.
  • Want to change the number of pieces the puzzle has, click on the pieces button and select another option.
  • Want to make your own puzzle from an image on your computer? Click on the Create Puzzle button!
  • On a tablet? Tap on puzzle pieces to rotate, tap and hold to move them.
If you want to see what the jigsaw puzzles look like finished, an image of the puzzle has now been included on each page so you can see what your completed jigsaw puzzle will look like. Enjoy !!

Look below the Fun Games section for the "Puzzle To Go" list for puzzles that you can take with you.


Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

A Time Gone By Afternoon Nap American Kestrel Anything For Me Baby Bunny Baby Opossum #1
Baby Opossum #2 Balance Rock 2 Bald Eagle
With Nest
Bath Time Black Vulture Blue Jay 2
Blue Jay Jackpot Blue Tit Fledgling
Wants Meal
Bountiful Harvest Bow Our Heads Breakfast Building A Nest
Bull Elk Camouflaged Deer Camouflaged Deer 2 Chipmunk 2 Come Sit A Spell Countryside 95
Crocodile Smile Dartford Warbler Delicious Acorns Dig In Dinner For Two Dove Nest
Driftwood Heart Dwarf Cuckoo Eastern Screech
Eight Is Enough Everyone Drink Favorite Perch
Feed Me, Feed Me First Kiss Fledgling Robin
Floral 1494 Floral 1498 Floral 1514
Floral 1739 Flying Squirrel
On Fence
Forest Found A Four
Leaf Clover
Fox and Kit Fox Squirrel
Fox Squirrel Full House Giraffe Family Giving Thanks Golden Aspen Got A Secret
Great Horned Owl
Nest Sitting
Grey Squirrel Have A Berry or Two Hidden Away Hug Your Mom Hummingbird Nest
Hurrying Home I Can Get It I Don't Want
To Go Home
I Love You Mom Indigo Bunting Joey
Let's Pray Little Grebe May I Join You Milk Weed Seed
Ready For Flight
Mimosa Tree Bloom Mischievous
Mom and Fawns Momma's Favorite Monarch on
Mouthful My Protector Nap Time
Nap Time Hugs Napping Nook Natural Shower Nature's Umbrella New Adventure No Swimming
Northern Flicker Outhouse Squirrel Out Late Again? Peek-a-boo Pine Squirrel Pipevine Swallowtail
Please God,
No More Snow
Protector Pumpkin Squirrel Rainy Day Stash Red-bellied Woodpecker
Evicting A Starling
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Red Squirrel Red Squirrel 1211 Reflections 1327 Reflections 1329 Reflections 1351 Reflections 1550
Resting Resting Tiger Ringlet
Rise and Shine Scenic 663 Scenic 902
Sharing Small Mushrooms Spider Web Springbok Squirrel 12 Squirrel 14
Squirrel 15 Squirrel Cabin Squirrel in the Moon Squirrel Salad Squirrel Snack Squirrel With Peanut
Starting An
Steller's Jay Still Life
Clean Up Crew
Take A Ride Take My Hand The Eagle
Is Landing
Tightrope Walker Tufted Titmouse Waterfall What A Pose Who Are You Wild Turkeys

Enjoy working the puzzles and want to help us keep it going? Any help is appreciated!
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Fun Games

These games require Flash to play. Enjoy!
Backgammon Battling Ships Bedazzled Blackjack Bubble Shooter Burger Restaurant
Coffee Shop Concentration Glass Works Halloween Tripeaks MahJong Mexican Train Dominoes
Peg Game Poppit Simon Says Spades Sudoku Spring  

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Want To Take A Jigsaw Puzzle To Go?

You can download this fully self contained jigsaw puzzle that does not require any other software to run and will make NO changes to your computer at all! These files have been scanned for viruses with AVG Internet Security.

This allows you to play the jigsaw puzzle at your leisure. It will work on any Windows based computer. After you have downloaded the jigsaw puzzle, just look for the red puzzle icon and double click it and it will open automatically. It does NOT make any changes to your computer or install any other files at all as this is a self-contained program.

Once you have the jigsaw puzzle open, if it came with music, you can turn the music off and on depending on if you wish to listen to it. You can also resize the screen to make the working area larger. If you hover your mouse over the buttons at the top, it will tell you what each button does.

Many thanks to Jigsaws Galore for such a wonderful program. If you try this and like it, the information to order the full program is contained in the puzzle.

Note: The background color of these jigsaw puzzles CAN be changed. With the puzzle open, just click on the Crayon Icon and choose "Custom", then click on "Define Custom Colors". Once you have picked your color, hit the OK button.

If you wish to turn off the background ghost image of the puzzle, just hit the Ghost Icon at the top of the screen and that will toggle it off and on. The + and - sign right beside the Ghost Icon will lighten or darken the ghost image of the puzzle if you wish to keep it and use it.

Want to change the shape of the jigsaw puzzle pieces? Well you can! Click on the 6th icon from the left, the one with the 2 blue puzzle pieces on it, and you can change the shape and the size of the puzzle pieces for the puzzle. There are several options available, so play around with it and see what you can come up with if you like.

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