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Stan Westfall Nature Photographs

If you have never seen Stan Westfall's wildlife photography, you are in for a real treat. If you have seen his work before you are going to love what he has given me permission to share with you. Please keep in mind the the photographs on this page are Copyright 1998-2013 by Stan Westfall and may NOT be used in any form without his expressed written permission.

The pictures on this page are just a small representation of the photographs that he has. They are for sale in the form of prints and greeting cards. I have bought several of his photos for my own personal enjoyment and have given them as gifts. If you wish to purchase any of these photos for gifts or for yourself, please email Stan at Stan Westfall and he can give you all of the particulars. You can also visit his website at Stan Westfall Photography. I am sure that you will be more than pleased with the quality of his photographs. Keep in mind that the photos here had to be reduced in file size so that they would load in a timely manner, the quality of any photos you purchase will be excellent.

If you would like to read about the person behind the photographs, you can read Stan's condensed biography. If you would like to attend any of his shows and meet him in person, just email him for the dates of the shows as he would love to meet you also.

You can LEFT click on the photos below to see the full sized images and a description.

Monarch On Hibiscus

Female Hummer At Zinnia


Floral Arrangement

Email Stan at Stan Westfall

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