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Squirrelys - Bill Cooper's Photos

There was a kind gentleman in Oregon that shared his weekly squirrel photos with everyone and let me post them here. These are photographs that he took of squirrels in his backyard.

His name is Bill Cooper. He has built a lot of things for the squirrels in his backyard and I know that his photos will show his hard work. He has built bridges for his squirrels to walk across from tree to tree, a ferris wheel that has goodies, a "honeymoon suite" and even made them a bar. The squirrels use it all.

I have had numerous requests to repost some of his photos. Some will have the original stories, some will not. I hope that you enjoy looking at Bill's photos.

Golf Squirrel
Hereís Tiger the Squirrel Woods getting down and seeing what he has to do make this next shot. First he sniffs it to make sure it's his, then he lines up the shot in his mind. He said he was going to have to hook it around the tree and bounce it off the garbage can to have any chance at a kitty. A kitty in squirrel golf is worth far more than a birdie and it's really funny when he gets a hole in one.


Tower Squirrel
Lots of rain this week but the squirrel traffic has been good. Got some really neat pictures and came up with a new squirrelly gadget which I will show you when one of you can guess what it is. Your clue is itís a new type of squirrel feeder. Iím waiting for your answer.

Here is one of the new flight controllers at Squirrely's International sitting on the edge of the tower in case she's gotta make a run for it. We had to do this as a precaution because the last squirrel taxied to the wrong end of the runway and hit the tower knocking the controller clear to the outhouse and he hasnít been back since.


TP Squirrel

When ya gotta go ya gotta Go! Here is one of the local squirrels begging me to bring him some more TP. I have no problem with this as long as he doesn't ask me to wipe his butt. They're pretty spoiled around here but I think thatís taking it one step to far.


Nosey Squirrel
Nose to nose staring contest.†I thought he was going to jump on the camera this time as we played the pose for the nut game. This ones getting real friendly but he only comes around once in a while. The secret is not to give them the nut to soon as then they will usually run off and bury it. It always amazes me how they can walk down a tree like they do. If you look real close you can see his little finger nails looks like he just got a manicure.

Have a Great Weeekend
Bill Cooper


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