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Squirrelys - Bill Cooper's Photos Page 2

There was a kind gentleman in Oregon that shared his weekly squirrel photos with everyone and let me post them here. These are photographs that he took of squirrels in his backyard.

His name is Bill Cooper. He has built a lot of things for the squirrels in his backyard and I know that his photos will show his hard work. He has built bridges for his squirrels to walk across from tree to tree, a ferris wheel that has goodies, a "honeymoon suite" and even made them a bar. The squirrels use it all.

I have had numerous requests to repost some of his photos. Some will have the original stories, some will not. I hope that you enjoy looking at Bill's photos.

Squirrelys Airport
Portland Oregon is proud to announce its' opening of Squirrelys International Airport. Yes, that's right a squirrel airport. The squirrels of Oregon were tired of seeing pictures of flying squirrels and decided to do something about it. They have been saving they're nuts and commissioned me to build an airport and get them started in flying lessons.

It has been strategically located between Squirrelys Bar and the Squirrelys Outhouse in case of emergency landings. This way they don't have to have on board restrooms and the pilot can fuel up at Squirrelys Bar prior to take off. This picture is the first day of operating the airport tower in which no crashes have occurred yet. It is located just a quarter mile south of Portland International Airport.

Have a Great Weeekend Bill Cooper


Juice Squirrel
This is one of the local squirrels sitting at the bar having some apple cider. Had to cut him off after he started yelling at me. There's nothing meaner than a squirrel that can't hold his squirrel juice. I think he said #*)%$#@*& if you do it again I'm gonna kick your *#!^%$*%.x3. Lucky for me Monica Squirrelenski came along and cooled him off. She has a way of dealing with the rowdy's.


Squirrel Jordan
As you have all probably heard by now is the retirement of Squirrel Jordan and it's a sad day for the S.B.A. (Squirrel Basketball Association ). This picture was taken a day after he announced his retirement. It looks like I'm going to have to send him to a squirrel rehabilitation center.  He's sleeping off a hangover in this photo. Can anybody recommend a good rehab center?


This is a staring contest that me and the squirrel are having.  His name is Houdini. He disappears when the food is gone and instantly reappears when I put it out. I've spent hours trying to find his hideout, but have been unsuccessful to date.


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