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Squirrelys - Bill Cooper's Photos

There was a kind gentleman in Oregon that shared his weekly squirrel photos with everyone and let me post them here. These are photographs that he took of squirrels in his backyard.

His name is Bill Cooper. He has built a lot of things for the squirrels in his backyard and I know that his photos will show his hard work. He has built bridges for his squirrels to walk across from tree to tree, a ferris wheel that has goodies, a "honeymoon suite" and even made them a bar. The squirrels use it all.

I have had numerous requests to repost some of his photos. Some will have the original stories, some will not. I hope that you enjoy looking at Bill's photos.

Blazers Squirrel
This is one of the Portland Squirrel Blazers practicing his three pointers before the next big game. This shot went off the outhouse, over the bridge and through the basketball hoop with nothing but net.

Have a Great Weekend
Bill Cooper



Here's Snoopy getting ready to head for Squirrelys Bar.  You'll notice he has been driving the car more lately than flying. After that last crash into the outhouse, he hasn't been quite the same.


Tiger the Squirrel Woods
This is Tiger the Squirrel Woods just flabbergasted and looking around to see if anybody was watching while he whiffed his ball and wrapped the club around the tree at the same time.

Have a Great Weekend
Bill Cooper


After wrecking the plane so many times that we have all lost count, rustling Easter eggs, and running moonshine, Snoopy's still trying to find his thing in this world so who knows where this is going to end up.  With spring in the air I thought he would be out playing squirrel tag, but he doesn't seem to be into those type things.

Here's Snoopy teaching me how to play craps squirrel style. If the number doesn't come up on the top he climbs around the side till he gets the number he's going for. I told him that he should be using two dice and he told me to stick to slot machines and keno something simple if you get my drift.

See ya in a few weeks.
Bill Cooper


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