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Squirrelys - Bill Cooper's Photos

There was a kind gentleman in Oregon that shared his weekly squirrel photos with everyone and let me post them here. These are photographs that he took of squirrels in his backyard.

His name is Bill Cooper. He has built a lot of things for the squirrels in his backyard and I know that his photos will show his hard work. He has built bridges for his squirrels to walk across from tree to tree, a ferris wheel that has goodies, a "honeymoon suite" and even made them a bar. The squirrels use it all.

I have had numerous requests to repost some of his photos. Some will have the original stories, some will not. I hope that you enjoy looking at Bill's photos.

Posing Squirrel
Here's one of the local squirrels checking things out and doing what squirrels do. This week you're going to have to put your own story and title as my brain doesn't want to function.

See ya next week
Bill Cooper


Squirrel Football

Here's one of the local squirrels getting ready for this years football season.  He said that his tail keeps getting in the way when he hikes it but that's one of the hazards of squirrel football.  Notice the almost perfect blocking posture.  Now if I can just get him to stop wearing flowers on to the field, I think the guys would stop laughing at him.

See Ya next week

Bill Cooper


Tiger the Squirrel Woods
Here's Tiger the Squirrel Woods trying to make up his mind on either eating the nut or whacking the golf ball.  After looking around and seeing the cat it was an easy decision. The cat is walking around with a funny look on her face again and Tiger's munching on his nut.

See Ya next week

Bill Cooper


Squirrel After Beauty Parlor Visit
Here's Snoopy coming out of beauty salon wearing the latest fashion in squirrel hairdo.  It's called a squirrel puff and seems to be catching on great here in the Northwest.  This is her second visit in less than a month. I think she's been talking too much with my wife.  She says if I want her to be an Internet squirrel I'm just going to have to pay the price. I suppose next she'll want to do her finger nails.

See Ya next week
Bill Cooper


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