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Squirrelys - Bill Cooper's Photos

There was a kind gentleman in Oregon that shared his weekly squirrel photos with everyone and let me post them here. These are photographs that he took of squirrels in his backyard.

His name is Bill Cooper. He has built a lot of things for the squirrels in his backyard and I know that his photos will show his hard work. He has built bridges for his squirrels to walk across from tree to tree, a ferris wheel that has goodies, a "honeymoon suite" and even made them a bar. The squirrels use it all.

I have had numerous requests to repost some of his photos. Some will have the original stories, some will not. I hope that you enjoy looking at Bill's photos.

Squirrel in Bar
This is Norm sitting patiently waiting for the New Years party to start at Squirrelys bar.†As you can see he is bored and resorted to doing finger mimes in the mirror.†He heard that Monica Squirrelenski was going to be one of the feature table dancers at this years bash.† She has agreed to dance on top of the tables only. I don't think WC will be attending as he has been a busy squirrel lately hiding his nuts. †Best Wishes For 1999. Bill Cooper


Xmas Squirrel
This is one of the Douglas Squirrels at Squirrely's Bar standing by the Christmas tree.† She is directing all the squirrels that are on the ground in a Christmas carol.† Rudolph the Brown Nose Squirrel I think is the name of the tune they're singing.† They're not as quite as good as the chipmunks but it's the thought that counts.


Squirrel on bridge
Due to the present situation in Iraq, I will not be doing a story on Monica Squirrelenski this week so I can bring you the latest news on our armed squirrel forces. They have been preparing to be shipped to the Persian Gulf. The Flying Squirrels (Airforce) are preparing their planes and getting ready to drop a smart missile nut on top of Saddam in attempt to make him a bit smarter.†They figure that hitting him on top of the head with a nut may knock some sense into him.

The Squirrel Seals (Navy) are going to pound him with surface to air nut missles. These nut missles fly in a horizonal pattern so don't bend over Saddam.

The A.S.T.D (Armored Squirrel Tank Division) has a new surprise for him this time, it's the surface to air corn cobs, with night vision capabilities.

The I.S. (Infantry Squirrels) are also busy cleaning there sunflower seed guns in preparation of a ground assault. And if all else fails we're going to send Monica Squirrelenski over there as Saddam's personal weapons inspector as she knows where to look.


Squirrel in tree
You have all heard the phrase, being out on a limb.† This is W.C. looking down at Monica Squirrelenski wondering†how to shut her up.† She has ruined his reputation with some of the local squirrels and the other half is wishing they had squirrel aides.

The western gray squirrels seem to be plotting to get him removed from the Brownhouse while the Douglas squirrels are standing behind him smiling.† So stay tuned same place and same time next week for the continuing story on Monica Squirrelenski.


This is a picture of the first squirrel feeder I built about four or five years ago. They spend hours sitting in the chairs and having their fill of corn. Itís fun to smear peanut butter on the empty corn cob, they love it.

The squirrels are really plentiful these days. Itís not uncommon to see three to five at a time. They are so busy stuffing their bellies and hiding nuts they havenít had much time to fight with each other.

Yesterday there were two squirrels in the bar and one on top of it. It was a good day for the squirrel bar business.

Itís also the time of year when there fur coats are the prettiest and their tails are the bushiest. Judging by their size, they are ready for a long winter.


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