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Opossum Description


Adult males are larger than the females. They are about the size of a cat. The Virginia Opossum is the only one that is capable of putting on large stores of fat.

Common Opossums from the gulf states are darker, often having all black ears and feet. Gray is the most common color pattern though. The black coloring is uncommon in the states north of Georgia, but is more common in the Southeastern United States and southward through Mexico to Costa Rica. The main difference between the black and the gray, is the color of the guard hairs.

Cinnamon colored opossums have been reported in the United States, but unreported in Latin America. The fur is softer because of the shorter guard hairs. Two white opossums are known. True albinos with pick eyes, ears, feet, tail, and eyelids. There is another one that has white fur but normal color skin. The genetic basis for these color variants is not known, but could be due to a dietary imbalance, parasites depleting nutrients from the opossom, etc.

Opossum Vocalizations

The Virginia Opossum makes 4 distinct sounds, clicking, hissing, growling, and a screech. All may be used in agressive interactions.

Opossum Diet

Here is a list of some of the things that opossums will eat in the wild.

Links To Opossum Pages

For some real good information on Opossums, please visit the links listed below. There are also some real good photographs of Opossums on those pages also. I hope you have enjoyed your visit here and thanks for taking the time to read about "Andy" and come back whenever you can.

opossum   National Opossum Society

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Description, Vocalizations, Diet and Opossum Links

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